The following Revisions To Our ByLaws went into effect January 5, 2013.

ARTICLE III Membership Section 2: All new members may be assigned to area sub-chapters by the state chapter on a basis of geographic location. All members have the option of changing to another sub-chapter. (Eliminate)

Section 2: Membership is terminated when a member resigns, or pays no dues in accordance with Article IV. (No change, but renumber this section)

Section 3: Charter members of the SunnyPeaches who held office. . . . .(Amended August 2006) (No change, but renumber this section)

ARTICLE V Officers Section 2: The officers shall be elected at the Annual Business meeting for terms of one year, but shall hold office until the successors are duly elected and installed. NO ELECTED PRESIDENT MAY SERVE MORE THAN TWO CONSECUTIVE TERMS IN OFFICE. (This change enables the Secretary and Treasurer to remain in office)

ARTICLE VII Meetings Section 1: An Annual Business Meeting will be held at the beginning of each calendar year. Additional meetings will be conducted at club campouts. Notification of meetings, dates, and times will be published on the club website and by e-mail in order that members may attend and participate in meetings even if they are unable to attend a campout. (Currently our bylaws call for a minimum of eight (8) meetings a year)

ARTICLE X Chapter Communications Section 1: Chapter communications such as meeting minutes, special announcements, and other items of interest will be e-mailed to the club membership and posted on the SunnyPeaches RV Club website. (Previously Article X was entitled Newsletters. Currently the Secretary posts the minutes and news about the membership on the website and via e-mail. This seems to work well.)

ARTICLE XII Amendments Section 1: These ByLaws may be amended at the Annual Business Meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present, provided that the proposed amendment shall have been submitted in writing and read at the previous regular meeting and e-mailed to all members at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meetng which acts upon it. (Previously the bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting. Since the number of members attending meetings at campouts varies greatly, the bylaws will only be amended at the annual business meeting which is usually very well attended.)